Edmunds: Giving kids active role in your business

April 15, 2015 4:40 AM

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Gladys: I am a soap maker and run my business from my home. I spend long hours with my business. I am either making product or marketing and selling online or preparing for weekend nomadic markets. I am married and we have three young kids. I make good money from my business and I get a sense of joy from my work. But, I also feel like I'm not spending enough time with my family and from time to time my kids let me know it. I am beginning to feel guilty. How do I balance my business and my family life and give each equal time? — L.W.

Due to the busy work schedules that we are faced with today balancing business and family life does not mean equal time to each. Balancing today means learning how to pull these separate things together. There are many benefits to bringing your family closer to your business and allowing them to tak...

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