Edge Of Tomorrow And The Path To Box Office Profitability

June 9, 2014 4:48 AM

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What do you call a big budget movie with an exceedingly bankable movie star and loads of praise from critics? Some would say Edge Of Tomorrow, but after the movie's first weekend a more appropriate phrase might be "a bomb". The sci-fi action flick had its ass handed to it by a teen literary sensation and Angelina Jolie wearing horns and a form fitting costume. A film that has Tom Cruise, the man who most consider to be our last true "movie star" at its center. A movie that, I repeat, CRITICS ACTUALLY LIKED! So the real question is, with a horrific first weekend on its record, will Edge Of Tomorrow even have a chance in Hell of being a hit?

Let's deconstruct the numbers, courtesy of Box Office Mojo. Edge Of Tomorrow's reported budget was a hefty at $178 million upfront, not including marketing and any other ancillary expenses. Usually, when measuring a film's box office success, we take a figure of one and a half times the upfront budg...

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