Ebola vaccine will be mass produced soon

November 29, 2014 12:55 PM

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The scale of the recent Ebola outbreak has cause panic among authorities, and that’s what led to the speedy funding of the institute’s Ebola vaccine. Once the team could begin testing the virus on humans, volunteers were injected with the substance and within a month, they started developing antibodies to fight the Ebola virus. As the scientists started increasing the Ebola vaccine dose, they noticed how test subjects were developing a larger number of antibodies in bigger concentrations, which ultimately led to an effective Ebola vaccine.

CD8 T cells are among the cells that are crucial for the human body to fight off the virus, and while animals have no issue producing it, it’s a different story when humans are involved. Nonetheless, Dr. Anthony Fauci found that the test subjects who had received a high dosage of the Ebola virus sta...

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