Ebola Survivors Should Practice Safe Sex Or Abstinence For More Than 3 Months: WHO

April 16, 2015 8:56 PM

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Photo credit: CDC CDC disease detective Kari Yacisin went to Guinea to work with local teams doing contact tracing, the laborious job of finding all those who came into contact with an Ebola patient and checking them for symptoms every day for 21 days. It is slow, painstaking work, not made easier by hours of hiking jungle paths required to reach small villages and the people living in them. "I only knew we had reached the right place when my local colleagues said so. The dedication and knowledge of these local teams is a critical part of the Ebola response."

Photo credit: Emiko Petrosky/CDC This small settlement is near Wahru, a village in the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone. Upon hearing of possible Ebola cases in the settlement, CDC staff and partners including disease detective Emiko Petrosky drove as close as they could get, then hiked three mile...

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