Ebola, Malaria and Our Empathy Deficit

October 6, 2014 3:16 PM

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Ebola, Malaria and Our Empathy Deficit

Without diving too much into history, this is essentially how our modern efforts to eradicate malaria began. Western researchers, many of whom wanted to exploit African countries in one way or another, kept getting sick and even dying from malaria. In order to be exploitative, they had to first be healthy. So began some of our most comprehensive anti-malaria campaigns. We learned much about the disease and this knowledge has helped those most afflicted, but the intention was clear: to look out for No 1.

Are we becoming increasingly aware of, as Peter Piot's quote above emphasizes, our global interconnectedness? Philosopher Roman Krznaric seems to think so, yet he also sees the modern forces at play in our age of...

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