Ebola 101: Managing Our Children's Fears

October 10, 2014 6:36 PM

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When I was young, I distinctly remember being afraid of a nuclear attack from Russia. I also remember being afraid of the killer bees that were on their way from Africa. What if we get bombed? What will happen to my family and me? What if killer bees attack me? Will I die? These are not comforting thoughts when you are a child. They are scary. We didn't get bombed and we weren't attacked by killer bees.

Last night at the dinner table with my wife and three children, my high-schooler said, "Did you hear about the person who got it in Texas?" My elementary schooler said, "Got what?", and my middle schooler, nicknamed Mr. Science, replied, "Ebola." "What's Ebola?" my youngest asked. As my wife (a nurs...

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