Eat Whole Grains For A Long Life, New Study Says

March 25, 2015 2:50 PM

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Eating lots of whole grains – especially those high in cereal fiber – may help people live longer, according to new research. The study out in BMC Medicine this week suggests that eating hefty amounts of cereal fibers can help reduce the risk of death from a number of causes, including cancer and diabetes, by almost 20%. Previous research has certainly linked whole grains to the reduction of certain chronic diseases and to reduced mortality, but this one is the largest of its kind to show a reduction in death from a number of different causes. So if you want to live longer, grab a bowl of cereal. The less refined, the better.

Whole grains are grains in their most unadulterated form, still containing the endospore, bran, and germ – most of the plant’s nutritional value lies in the brain and germ. When grains go through milling to become processed or refined, they’re typically stripped of the brain and germ parts, along wi...

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