"I.E.D." | Vanessa Berben

July 23, 2014 6:26 PM

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"I.E.D." | Vanessa Berben

This week on Teen Wolf all eyes are on the new, deadly assassins who have invaded Beacon Hills (High School) to hunt down the names on the Benefactor's list and I'll admit that over at tvtag. I'm struggling a bit with this "teen assassin" plotline. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Episode 405, "I.E.D."

"Seriously, I can't believe you fell for that." Well I can't either, Garrett. I love this show with a passion that's probably not normal for someone who gets called "Ma'am" at grocery stores but I find myself growing incredibly skeptical of how much these teen assassins are getting away with (more o...

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