Dust on Ocean Seabed May Come From Stellar Explosion

January 21, 2015 8:50 PM

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When we picture the ocean floor, we might see lots of smooth sand, colorful corals, and schools of fish swimming in unison. We would hardly imagine extraterrestrial bits from far-away space raining down and settling on the bottom, and yet that's exactly what some scientists are saying. Though despite previous belief, dust found on the ocean seabed may not in fact come from supernovae, according to a new study, shedding light on these stellar explosions.

Current theories of supernovae - eruptions outside of our solar system bright enough to outshine an entire galaxy - suggest that these events eject into space materials essential for human life, such as iron, potassium and iodine, as well as lead, silver, gold, and heavier radioactive elements like ...

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