'Duck Dynasty's' Lisa and Alan Robertson on how moved on after multiple affairs

January 14, 2015 11:30 AM

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Another “Duck Dynasty” book is hitting the shelves. In “A New Season,” the oldest (and beardless) Robertson brother Alan and his wife Lisa discuss their 30-year marriage. It’s a candid and honest look at their tribulations which include Lisa’s multiple affairs. The couple explain how they managed to rebuild their union and how they renewed their commitment. The book also delves into their earlier years, which for Lisa, meant opening up about being molested as a child and undergoing an abortion as a teenager. Alan’s wild past included having an affair with a married woman whose husband came after him. FOX411 spoke to the gregarious couple about the book.

FOX411: This must have been such a hard book to write. Alan Robinson: It actually was. We’ve been doing our story for several years in front of audiences, kind of like a testimony but when we sat down to write our book with our ghost writer, that week of sort of pouring it out and working back throu...

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