Dropped anchor Brian Williams | Boston Herald

February 24, 2015 10:29 PM

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Dropped anchor Brian Williams | Boston Herald

Brian Williams received a direct hit February 10. Six days after the NBC News anchor admitted to exaggerating a story about being under fire in Iraq in 2003, he was suspended for six months without pay. In a memo to staff, NBC execs called Williams' actions "inexcusable," saying that the 55-year-old had "jeopardized the trust" of millions of Americans. The decision came as news outlets began questioning the veracity of the anchor's other reports (including a claim that he saw a dead body float past him in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina). Explains an NBC source of the punishment, which docks Williams half of his $10 million annual salary: "The public backlash got so strong, there was nothing else they could do."

That's a wrap? Don't expect a mea culpa tour just yet. The dad of Girls actress Allison, 26, and son Douglas, 23 (with his wife of 28 years, Jane), "was told by the network to stay out of the public eye for a few months," says the source. He's spending his time fielding supportive emails and calls f...

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