The Drone Queen

October 6, 2014 9:19 AM

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The Drone Queen

Last time we saw Carrie, she was recovering from getting her world turned on its damn head. It was four months after her baby daddy was hanged before her eyes (RIP Brody) and she was getting shipped off to Istanbul to become the youngest station chief in Agency history. After getting fired by Lockhart, Saul's sitting pretty with a big fat salary in the private sector. He and Carrie will hopefully reunite this season because, my god, "Homeland," we need you to get good again.

After jetting back to the office, Carrie receives intel from an agent named Sandy (Peter Russo, I've missed you!), that a high value target has been cornered and has to make a fast decision on whether or not they should take him out. Though hesitant, Carrie weighs her options and goes forward with t...

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