The Dream | Aurelia Condrat

June 30, 2014 8:11 PM

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The Dream | Aurelia Condrat

I dreamed of you last night! It happened that I was in the old town of Bratislava, on a narrow cobblestoned alley. We were hiding from someone. I now know from whom, from Shadows. You gave me a Monet painting and a gold filigree encased turquoise stone with brown patterns. I hastily took the canvas and folded it in four. I squeezed the stone so hard in my hand that I gave it the deeply longing and desireful embrace that I would have wished to give you. You said that you wanted me to have them as a souvenir from you, in case something happened to you.

I ran quickly in the room where the party was held and tried to stuff the folded canvas on the bottom of a jewelry box and to hide the stone there as well. The Shadow came, dressed in clerical clothes and advised me to hide all my jewelry in the hem of the coat he was wearing. I did not. I did not w...

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