Dragonflies Use a Unique Hunting Strategy (+ Video)

December 11, 2014 5:08 PM

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A team of scientists from Hughes Medical Institute in Ashburn, Virginia wanted to know more about the methods of hunting used by dragonflies. The scientists discovered that dragonflies use a unique hunting strategy by using a predictive way and not a reactive way for hunting, by using an artificial fly to attract the dragonfly to hunt and ultra-high speed cameras. A predictive way of hunting means that the dragonflies use a unique hunting strategy when coming near to their prey and don’t just copy the movements of their victims.

Until now, experts thought that only birds, fish and mammals use predictive hunting strategies and not insects. Furthermore, they thought that dragonflies just fly around blindly after their victims (flies and bees) and copy all their movements until they are confident they can catch up with their p...

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