Dracula Untold: Should it Have Stayed Untold?

October 12, 2014 9:48 AM

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When a small village is threatened by a much more powerful regime, it’s leader Vlad must step up and make the hard decisions required for the village’s survival. With not only the lives of his people on the line, but the lives of his wife and son as well, the torn leader must choose the path to light at the end of the darkness and risk being consumed in the deep black darkness itself. With only three days of conquer his foes, and with each passing moment falling like thin drops of blood, Vlad must use the powers of the night to his advantage. For if he fails, he’ll spend eternity fighting not the opposition, but his own demons, alone.

I’ve honestly never been big on Dracula. I like vampires just fine, with Tom Holland’s amazing 1985 tale Fright Night being my all-time favorite, but I’ve never been huge on the Dracula character. So when the Dracula Untold trailers started to hit, I became less impressed as it did little to sell me...

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