'Dracula Untold' Promises To Revive Our Post 'Twilight' Hopes Of Vampires As Misunderstood Yet Bloodthirsty

June 29, 2014 12:58 AM

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It's fair to say anyone past the age of 14 is fed up with vampires or at least of the overly sympathetic versions we are bombarded with in Twilight. We all miss the good old days when vampires were naughty, vicious and decadent creatures as opposed to floppy haired 'vegetarian' romantics. So if you're longing for the days of Lestat, searching for the sharp wit of Spike or simply want to see Gary Oldman's shadow mischievously revealing his inner thoughts, then the upcoming film Dracula Untold may be for you.

Dracula Untold follows the character Bram Stoker's Dracula is based on, Vlad III, and attempts to create a link between the medieval Romanian ruler and the fictional monster we've come to know and love. In the film we are set to see Vlad strike up a bargain with an unusual fanged creature (yes, it's...

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