From Dormitory to Culinary

April 16, 2015 10:00 PM

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College can be a pivotal time in your life, establishing habits that may last well into adulthood... such as eating habits. With many new social influences, your eating habits can change quite drastically, often for the worse. You may have heard of the freshman 15... which refers to the average amount of weight a freshman in college gains. (Apparently, this used to be the freshman 10, which unfortunately may be saying something about the direction that we are headed, when it comes to obesity.) When I think of dormitory cafeteria food, I recall Jell-O. Lots of Jell-O of different colors. Both plain Jell-O and Jell-O with different things suspended in the Jell-O. Like grapes, peaches, pears, and other types of Jell-O. Our meal plan wasn't exactly a dietary paradise and did not exactly have a plethora of health options. Meanwhile, like baked beans in a stew, all of us college students were influencing each other's eating habits in not the best of ways. The most common food groups among students seemed to be meat (e.g., chicken, beef, and mystery), dairy, grains, chocolate, liquid grains, pizza, and Jell-O. Rarely did conversations cover healthy eating. Passing around food recipes was not common. (On the other hand, passing around drink recipes was quite common.) As time would teach me, not all of my classmates and peers were the best teachers. (Of course, they eventually did teach me that they weren't always the best teachers. So they were good at teaching that.)

Like yeast in an oven, times are changing... especially in the past decade, with this thing that you may have heard of called "social media" and "the Internet." College students no longer have to rely just on those college students immediately around them for bad influence on food and eating. Instea...

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