Donna Kauffman on 'NCIS': Never date a co-worker?

April 8, 2015 2:01 PM

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Another week, another new episode (yay!) as we wind our way inexorably closer to the season finale, which arrives next month (boo!) whether we want it to or not. Senior makes another appearance tonight, as does ATF agent and Tony's Main Squeeze Zoe Keates. So, for now, we can pretend we're a long way from that NCIS Wasteland otherwise known as summer. Who's our unfortunate murder of the week? And how does Senior finagle his way into the case? Because we know he will … so let's get right to finding that out, shall we?

We open with a crew working on the community service cleanup gang, with Younger Criminal griping to Older Criminal about the injustices of life. YC recognizes OC as a politician who got some jail time for getting caught with a hooker. OC isn't all that keen on chatting about it, then notices a motor...

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