Don't Try This at Home: A Hacker Discovered How to Get Unlimited Free Domino's Pizza

April 7, 2016 10:58 AM

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Too bad this whole thing was highly illegal because free pizza for life sounds magical. Paul Price made an epic discovery when he found out it was possible to get free Domino's forever. How did this whole thing even happen? It turns out there was a glitch in the Domino's app (shout-out to the Pizza Tracker) which allowed him to order food sans cash. Motherboard says the UK man found the bug in their version of the app and was able to coax it into taking "invalid payments."

Price called Domino's to see if his cashless order actually went through. Free pizza was his. Just kidding! It turns out he had a heart of gold. After telling Domino's about the app error, he paid for the grub when it arrived at his door. Domino's fixed the app, and all was right with the world agai...

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