Don’t read too much into Clinton’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch. Please

October 4, 2015 10:42 AM

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The first thing worth pointing out about Hillary Clinton on “Saturday Night Live” is that she is a decent actor. Jimmy Fallon, who was on the show for seven seasons, would find something he did at a funeral funny. But Clinton, the amateur, delivered her lines cleanly and with a straight face and good timing. Yes, she read the cue cards, but then Fallon did that, too. Clinton’s Donald Trump impression wasn’t quite as good as Fallon’s, but it was decent.

The second thing we have to point out here at a political blog of The Washington Post is the political issues that made the cut. We’ll have to wait for the eventual Rolling Stone article or cast tell-all to know how the script for the bit evolved, with Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton chatting up Hil...

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