DON'T MISS! Up in the sky! Comet Lovejoy

January 15, 2015 4:15 PM

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Currently, the comet is known to be around 43,600,000 miles from our planet and the greenish glow, created by the diatomic carbon gas fluorescing in the light of the sun, will be shiniest for a two-week viewing period.The green fuzzy colored comet has a brightness of magnitude 4 which means that it can be viewed with the naked eye in the outer suburbs and with binoculars in the inner city areas. It also means that stargazers will not require any special instruments or visual aid to be able to view the comet in the night sky.

The Comet Lovejoy, discovered by amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy in August, is making one of its every 11,000 years appearances in the southeastern sky.

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