Don't Ignore the Banks for the Stream

October 24, 2014 9:02 PM

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Jim Estrada uses this popular Spanish dicho (saying) early in his recent book, The ABCs and Ñ of America's Cultural Revolution: A Primer on the Growing Influence of Hispanics, Latinos and Mestizos in the USA (Tate Publishing, 2013), to help set the stage for an insightful, easy to read and oftentimes snappy guide to understanding the Latino experience in the United States. Not surprisingly, Estrada, a longtime practitioner of ethnic marketing, is also purposefully speaking to those in the corporate sector charged with reaching the Latino consumer market, estimated by several sources as ranging between $1 and 1.2 trillion. I would note that there are important lessons in his book for those in the government sector whose jobs focus on ensuring that a deserving Latino public is adequately served.

Primordial point: Latinos are not shadowy cyphers of history and the present, not empty vessels for quotidian goods and nick-knacks, but, rather, a people whose complex and rich history, culture and language correlate to and drive its consumer decisions and voter preferences. With trillions of dolla...

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