Don't Go Down Without a Fight

October 27, 2014 2:05 AM

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Don't Go Down Without a Fight

I've a couple friends -- some old, some new; some I've met, some I haven't -- but these friends are going through a wretch of a time. They're struggling immensely with their health, possibly even (probably even) terminally. The people I'm thinking of are still, remarkably, the most positive people I know. This doesn't mean they aren't struggling with their mortality -- mightily -- it means that still they're filled with love. They share their love. They show their love. To a certain extent they're discussing their struggles with loved ones, counselors, physicians, whomever, but always with an optimistic "we won't go down without a fight" attitude.

Heck. Look at Malala Yousafazi. Seventeen years old. Born and raised in Pakistan. When she was 15 she was on her way to school and shot in the head by the local Taliban. Because she was a girl. And on her way to school. And because she was speaking up about the constant trials the girls and women in...

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