Don't Act Your Age - Harry, Tonto, Paul and You

July 5, 2014 12:00 AM

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At age 44, the maverick satirical filmmaker Paul Mazursky wrote and directed Harry & Tonto, chronicled an old man's unexpected late life struggle against society's selfish coercive pressures to relocate, institutionalize, and infantilize him back into a state of docile dependency. This week, 40 years later, Mazursky, at age 84, himself, became the ultimate victim of aging but not the victim of ageism.

Mr. Mazursky was a show-business rarity, almost never out of work in a run of six decades that began as a stage and screen actor in the early 1950s and was still adding credits at the time of his death... For all that, there was an ageless quality about him. Associates said he had boundless energy, ...

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