Don't Act Like a Jerk Because Someone Else Is

August 22, 2014 6:45 PM

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Summer in our village-by-the-bay, Sausalito, is packed with tourists. Some dawdle and gawk in the crosswalks. Thousands of others, on rented bikes, attempt to maneuver down the unfamiliar, narrow winding road into town and then ride up onto the sidewalks to get out of the way of cars. Meanwhile uber cyclists whiz past them, and impatient motorists attempt to get around them. Many get irritated at each other.

Hint: other people can be difficult because they experience the same situation differently than we do, thus they do not act right. This daily friction between people out when there is so much beauty around on which we can focus instead, reminds me of a training course offered years ago. It was by fa...

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