'Dom Hemingway' Review

April 2, 2014 1:30 PM

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'Dom Hemingway' Review

The story of ‘Dom Hemingway’ is a familiar enough one – a tough-talking safecracker endures years in jail, thanks to keeping a locked jaw when it comes to the involvement of his mastermind boss, only to be let loose to commit one last job and do right by his family – but Richard Shepard’s energetic and entertaining spin on what could be just another genre picture, along with star Jude Law’s bold and amusing performance as the eponymous antihero, make ‘Dom Hemingway’ a heist film with its own unique heart.

That heart, however, is quite frequently black, and Law is tasked with portraying a hero that could otherwise be highly (no, really, highly) unlikable. Stuck in the big house for over a decade, Dom emerges from his sentence with a bad attitude and a major chip on his shoulder. Law gets more than a b...

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