Dog born without front legs can walk thanks to 3D Printing

December 18, 2014 10:59 AM

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Unfortunately, Derby the husky cross wasn’t born like other dogs. While her back paws are normal and well developed, a deformity caused him to be born with small and very twisted forelegs. He couldn’t walk at all. But Derby caught a break when she was adopted by Tara Anderson, who works for a 3D printing company called 3D Systems. Tara teamed up with an animal orthotist, Derrick Campana, and together, the two 3D Printed prosthetic legs for Derby to use and walk on, as you can see below.

“We’re using a variety of 3D technologies, and that allows us to get in there and really modify the organic digital models quickly and easily, and start to do the sort of designs that Derrick wants us to do,” one of the team, Kevin Atkins from 3D systems .

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