What Does Success Look Like?

August 6, 2014 6:03 PM

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What Does Success Look Like?

In the last two years, I left my husband and the secure lifestyle he provided, walked away from a PhD program funded by the National Science Foundation and changed career paths to a field in which I had no background. I can almost see you cringing at your screen thinking, "Poor thing. What a sad story." I assure you, this is not a ploy to garner sympathy. In fact, this is a story about how I came to be the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Have you ever found yourself buried under the "S word"? You know, that nasty word that gets flung around constantly and doesn't seem to do anyone much good: Should. Growing up, my mom frequently used the phrase, "Nobody likes to be should upon." Despite being consciously aware of this philosophy, I ...

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