Does Morality Exist in the Music Business?

July 9, 2014 8:12 PM

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Does Morality Exist in the Music Business?

Deep down inside all of us, at some point in our life, is a tingly alarm that goes off when we start to do something that isn't morally right. Some people learn how to ignore that hiccup conscience that bursts a little adrenaline into us as a signal that you're about to violate the accepted choice of right versus wrong. Some people go to their grave with believing they've done everything they can to never ignore it. Religions of all societies have some form of baseline to weigh decisions of morality and ethics. Some cultures rely solely on the laws of their land for this. Before I wax too philosophical, I am still learning at my middle age 45 years old, that what I consider right and wrong is not going to match those I encounter from time to time, especially in the music business.

Back in my theology classes at Bible College, we would spend weeks discussing the various forms of morality that exist in our world and the basis for each of these. The intended goal, of course, would be to compare these moralities against the Christian world view and hopefully gird us students with...

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