What Does it All Mean? | Francis Levy

August 19, 2014 2:33 PM

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What Does it All Mean? | Francis Levy

"What does it all mean?" was ubiquitous in the late night college dorm rooms of the '60s along with the sweet smells of post coital sex and marijuana. It was tantamount to the "What? Me Worry?" soubriquet underneath the face of Alfred E. Newman that characterized the so-called silent generation of '50s college students, who still sported a devil may care form of denial, despite the Cold War and the constant threat of armed warheads and nuclear armageddon.

"What Does It All Mean?" is actually a sharp turn from "What Me Worry?" and it's indicative of the peculiar direction of the '60s sensibility which danced between the desire for transcendence and a darker nihilism occasioned by the specter of the Vietnam War. Of course both nihilism and transcendenc...

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