‘Doctor Who’: 7 Burning Questions From ‘Listen’

September 14, 2014 10:30 AM

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‘Doctor Who’: 7 Burning Questions From ‘Listen’

If last week’s episode of “Doctor Who,” “Robots of Sherwood,” reinstated our faith in the show’s ability to deliver entertaining standalone stories in the Steven Moffat era, then this week’s outing, “Listen,” was here to remind us how great this show can be at making us fall in love with its characters. Clara and the Doctor were both in top form on Saturday, as audiences learned that Danny Pink would be an even bigger part of the Companion’s life than we initially thought, the TARDIS returned to Gallifrey, and Clara unintentionally gave the Doctor a childhood nightmare that would stick with him forever.

1. Can the Doctor return to Gallifrey now? During “The Day of the Doctor,” Gallifrey was frozen in time and shucked into another universe. However, Clara was able to return there — specifically, to that barn the War Doctor used to set off the big bang — due to her telepathic TARDIS connection being ...

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