What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

January 15, 2015 3:43 PM

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This season as I mulled over each habit or practice I should change, improve, or drop, I also gave thought to the wisdom my son Marcus shared with me last fall while we sat at our favorite coffee shop. We're regulars at one particular Scooters where they are nice to us. The general public, on occasion, puts me on edge. You see, I'm a bit paranoid and particularly attentive to how folks look at and react to us because Marcus, my adult son, has Down syndrome, and the patrons and employees at this Scooters tend to acknowledge Marcus but not bristle, are nice but not patronizing, a surprisingly tricky balance for some.

That month a website called The Road We've Shared was preparing to "spotlight" Marcus. So while we sipped our hot drinks, I asked him a few questions, finding out some of his favorite things to include in the note.

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