Do You Like Who You See When You Look in the Mirror?

December 1, 2014 9:35 PM

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I am not talking about the glass mirror that you look in every morning before you leave the house. Not the one that you get dressed in front of and put on a nice suit or dress, and then stand and evaluate what you see. Not the one that reflects the mask you put on before you face the outside world and portray a role that you are playing in this lifetime. Whether that is of a CEO, Director, Associate, or mother -- doesn't really matter. It's a role. It's a role that many of us define ourselves by. We even introduce ourselves leading with our titles. It goes something like this, "Hello, my name is... I am the Director of Technology at... or I am a stay-at-home mom... or I am the CEO of..." You then proceed to have a conversation that consists of an information exchange that is mostly transactional and more importantly, unmemorable.

I am talking about the Mirror of Authenticity -- your Soul's Mirror. This mirror shows the reflection of yourself when you feel no one is looking -- your true essence.

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