Where Do We Go When We Go to Sleep? Bringing More Mindfulness to Bed

August 6, 2014 12:38 PM

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"What's the best thing in the world?" asked my mother. When I was a little boy, she played this curious game with me. It didn't matter that we had done it countless times before, that I already knew the right answer, and that I would once again tease her with childish responses I knew she would dismiss. The fact that she was smiling and in a playful mood was reason enough for me to engage her.

My first answer was always, "Ice cream!" "No," she smiled. "Then cartoons!" I insisted. "No," she replied. "Toys! Toys are the best things in the world!" "No, no, no..." She smiled and shook her head. "What then?" I shouted through my giggles and large gestures. "Sleep," said my mother. "Sleep is th...

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