What Do We Do With Our Junk Food Mind?

January 6, 2015 3:53 PM

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Living organic, glutton-free, and meatless, well almost hamburger-free, is relatively easy these days. Finding a gym, taking a daily walk or making time for some form of exercise is not beyond most of us. But what are we doing with our junk food minds? How much news, gossip, Facebook, and other distractions do we digest every day? Not too long ago they measured how many hours a day people watched TV. Today, kids as young as three are hooked into games. Teenagers are plugged in almost continuously. And although we adults are shocked and complain, our consumption of junk food for the brain is nearly just as out of control.

The Wall Street Journal began the new year publishing an article about "Learning to Embrace Digital Detox." Our digital addiction is just part of the problem. Living a distracted life in general is the real culprit. Even when we turn off our machines, we are so busy trying to get everything done, af...

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