Do stars make sound? Researchers say yes

March 23, 2015 5:59 PM

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Do stars make sound? Researchers say yes

For centuries, mankind has been fascinated with the possible sounds of the heavens. We know that sound doesn’t travel in the vacuum of space — by definition, and unlike light, sound needs a medium through which to travel. Sound results from the disturbance (or vibration) of the particles in that medium. That’s why you hear those stories about how space battles in movies have impossible sound effects, because you wouldn’t hear any of it if it were real.

Yet the above hasn’t stopped scientists from scanning the heavens looking for potential sounds. For example, NASA found that sound can exist in the form of electromagnetic vibrations that pulsate in similar wavelengths. When Voyager 1 finally crossed into interstellar space in 2013, NASA was able to...

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