How Differing Opinions Can Help You and Your Business

October 15, 2014 9:28 PM

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How Differing Opinions Can Help You and Your Business

Generally we like to be right; it reinforces what we believe to be true. We may feel uncomfortable or even threatened when others disagree with us or present a diametrical point of view. However if we knew all the answers, our worldview, business strategy and personal development will be limited by what we know and there's little potential for growth or improvement. Ask the leaders of Polaroid how they feel about their strategy to being the best and only instant photo company now. Conditions change and what we thought worked, or even was a winning strategy at one time may not be valid any more.

Early in my career, as the Director of Design and Development for Britannia Jeans, I had periodic differences of opinion with one of the Merchandise Managers. He and I would disagree every season on how well the colors matched on the different fabrics in the line. Finally one day I decided to ask mo...

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