Diet Soda May Help to Lose Weight, but These Are Better Alternatives

May 30, 2014 7:47 PM

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There has been a lot of debate on whether or not diet drinks can help you lose weight. A recent study (PDF) published in the journal Obesity found those who drank diet drinks lost a larger amount of weight than those who drank water (Note: this study was conducted for the beverage industry and there have been some questions about the methodology. Even the researchers concede they don’t know why those who drank the diet soda lost more weight since the study’s design didn’t allow them to identify what caused the greater weight loss). On the flip side, there have been a number of studies that show people who drink diet soda have a greater chance at being obese than those who don’t, and even a higher chance of being overweight than those who drink regular sugary soda.

In many ways, I think that the debate is framed entirely in the wrong light, especially if the object is to not only healthily lose weight, but doing it while saving money. In the study, those who drank diet soda lost more weight, but it’s important to note that both groups lost weight. Over the 12-...

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