Diego Garcia Islanders Displaced In U.K. Failure Hope To Return Home

April 16, 2015 8:17 PM

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We're going to pick up now on a story we began on Morning Edition today. It's about an incident that's been called one of the most shameful chapters in British postwar history, and it directly involves the United States. In the 1970s, British troops forced thousands of indigenous people to leave their homes on a cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean. Britain cleared the land to make way for a U.S. military base that still operates today on the island of Diego Garcia. Well, now the islanders have new hope of returning. Here's NPR's Ari Shapiro with the second part of our story.

ARI SHAPIRO, BYLINE: Each year, the U.S. government allows 15 elders who were expelled from their homeland to return to the Chagos Islands for one brief visit. Bernard Nourrice was on that trip a few years ago. He saw his relatives' graves, the church where his cousins were baptized, all overshadowe...

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