Diddy v. Drake — The $540 Million Punch

December 9, 2014 6:46 PM

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Diddy v. Drake — The $540 Million Punch

Rap mogul Diddy (who is worth $700 million) punched rap star Drake (worth $160 million) outside a Miami nightclub early Monday morning, according to TMZ. It supposedly wasn’t about a woman (Drake fought Chris Brown at a New York nightclub over Rihanna in 2012). According to eyewitnesses, it was about business. Diddy was overheard saying, “You will never disrespect me,” before clocking Drake.

New York Daily News doesn’t believe it’s sheer money at stake, reporting that Diddy punched Drake three times and it could have been because Drake disrespected his girlfriend, Let’s Get Crazy singer, Cassie Ventura. Diddy and Drake were at the club to celebrate DJ Khaled’s birthday. After the alterc...

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