How Did You Get to Be the Way You Are?

January 14, 2015 7:05 PM

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One of the fundamental themes I weave into my work with coaching clients has to do with fully embracing and focusing upon what hurts in them and how they have learned to deal with or avoid their suffering. This is usually the antithesis of where they want to look. Usually people perceive the source of their suffering to be 'out there' in the circumstances and relationships of their lives. Most get lost in their stories about what is happening to them out in the world and they want to find a strategic solution to achieve their desired success. Many operate under the assumption that if they change the outside, the pain they feel inside will go away. This is true when you have a nail in your shoe, but when your pain is emotionally driven, external changes never yield permanent results.

Those seeking external solutions are typically residing in what I call "the land of if only's." It sounds like this: "if only so and so would change in the way I think they should, then my suffering would be relieved." Or, "if only I could lose 20 pounds, then..." Or, "when such and such happens, th...

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