Did Kelsey and Ashley Get Out of the Wilderness Alive on The Bachelor?! You Must See Chris Harrison's Hilarious Answer

February 10, 2015 10:14 PM

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Last night's crazy-bananas two-on-one date left Bachelor fans in shock (and some hysterically laugh-crying) as Chris Soules eliminated both Kelsey and Ashley I., after some batpoop crazy drama, leaving them in the middle of the South Dakota Badlands, as he flew away on a helicopter. The camera pulled away with an aerial view showing the two devastated ladies surrounded by miles of nothingness.

To us, of course, it was EVERYTHING. And the perfect end to what was perhaps the most awwwwkward date in Bachelor history. Ashley told Chris that Kelsey was fake. Chris ratted out Ashley to Kelsey. Ashley sobbed and sobbed and nearly cried off all her eye makeup (no small feat). And viewers thought ...

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