The Dichotomy of Faith | Heather Martin

September 15, 2014 5:38 PM

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The Dichotomy of Faith | Heather Martin

Self-help clichés and positive affirmations can on occasion be motivating, supportive and helpful; other times they can be downright frustrating and reek of total bull. "They" say failure is the stepping stone to success (at this rate I should be a huge star any day now). "They" also say when you're at the bottom there is nowhere to go but up (only problem is, you don't always know when you're at the bottom, and sometimes you think you are and yet you manage to slide a little further in the wrong direction).

And we've all heard these words when we are struggling through a tough scenario: "Trust," "Have faith," "Don't worry, things will work out." Often, these encouraging words make me feel as though I am supposed to have super human powers to avoid any level of stress or fear. That if you have faith you...

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