Diagnosing the First Patient: Genomics to the Rescue

July 23, 2014 3:03 PM

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Diagnosing the First Patient: Genomics to the Rescue

If you happen to be a scientist or clinician in the genomics field, you already know the topic of this article just from those four names. Each is a child who suffered from a mysterious or even one-of-a-kind disease. Collectively, they endured years in hospitals, met dozens of doctors, took countless tests to achieve that precious objective: a diagnosis. And for each of these kids, DNA sequencing was critical to providing that answer.

Thanks to this insightful article just out in The New Yorker, we can add two more names to that list: Bertrand Might and Grace Wilsey. Both of these kids were born with debilitating diseases and spent years careering from one doctor to the next, awaiting some kind of verdict. The quests are so commo...

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