Devastating Impacts Of Tourism On The Hot Springs Of Yellowstone National Park, Researchers Say

December 20, 2014 3:27 PM

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As per the recent reports, scientists have released new pictures which uncover, what many years of tourism in the Yellowstone National Park has done to their hot springs. The tourists have sullied the hot spring water by flinging coins and trash. The water color in the spring has turned into orangish green, which as per analysts ought to be profound blue. For the study, one-dimensional model was used by researchers in which they used SLR digital camera, low-wave thermal imaging camera and a handheld spectrometer. As per this new study the change of color was caused by the ‘microbial mat composition’ found in those springs. The researchers also said that the coin and waste tossed by people together with natural garbage are accountable for the color change.

One of the co-author of this study, Joseph Shaw a professor at Montana State University and director of the University’s Optical Technology Center said, “What we were able to show is that you truly don’t need to get appallingly unpredictable – you can clarify some extremely wonderful things with mod...

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