Dems’ majority chances: slim and Nunn

October 15, 2014 3:57 PM

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Dems’ majority chances: slim and Nunn

DEMS’ MAJORITY CHANCES: SLIM AND NUNN Democrats need a miracle to hold the Senate, and they think they may have found one in Georgia. After shucking off the effort to help a flailing candidate in Kentucky, national Democrats are moving resources and pinning their hopes for keeping the majority to The Peach State. Polls show the race tightening as Democrat Michelle Nunn intensifies her Obama-style attacks on GOP candidate David Perdue. Perdue is standing in for Mitt Romney, the cancer-causing vampire of Democratic 2012 ads, as the Nunn campaign chomps down on his career as a corporate turnaround artist who ordered layoffs. There’s a 50-percent threshold in Georgia and both sides are preparing for a potential runoff that could push the final decision until Jan. 6. With the polls close and a Libertarian candidate polling in the mid-single digits, a runoff looks more and more likely.

[Uga - With the Georgia Bulldogs in the top ten college football rankings, could the battle for control of the Senate be competing for voters’ attention as the bowl game season rolls toward a Jan. 6 runoff? Watch “Power Play with Chris Stirewalt” to find out in just 90 seconds.]

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