Delayed Authorizations for Cancer Treatments | Barbara Jacoby

February 20, 2015 4:27 PM

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Delayed Authorizations for Cancer Treatments | Barbara Jacoby

I was recently directed to a website titled The Alliance for Patient Access and, in particular, a YouTube video, "Protecting Cancer Care." The alliance" is a national network of physicians dedicated to ensuring patient access to approved therapies and appropriate clinical care. One of the three main points addressed is the issue of delayed authorizations by insurance companies with regard to access to treatments authorized by medical professionals. This brought to mind an incident that a family member had related to me about just this particular problem that I would like to share.

My relative told me about having gone to the local office of her insurance company in order to deal with some matters related to her recently deceased mother. She indicated that the waiting line was extremely long so she started chatting with others around her and soon learned that the gentleman imm...

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