Death Over Dinner

October 28, 2014 7:54 PM

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Death Over Dinner

Death has become one of humanity's greatest ironies -- it seems so unnatural for us to picture ourselves in those moments before death, our bodies wrapped in an eerily white hospital blanket and plugged with various tubes pumping various fluids in and out of our failing veins. We cannot, and choose not to, picture ourselves dying. And yet, as it always has been, death remains one of the precious few situations we will all face. We will all die. It is the natural ending to life. No matter the road we take, we all will find ourselves one day in the same position, and we all one day will take a great leap into darkness.

We as millennials have aged alongside exponentially advancing technological systems. We have seen life expectancies prolonged in accordance with advancing healthcare to accommodate an elder baby boomer population reaching retirement age. We have seen brilliant research put into treatments for cancer...

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