The Days Of Darkness | Rena McDaniel

February 8, 2015 1:01 PM

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In September of 2013 my husband and I decided to move my mother who was in the early stages of Alzheimer's in with us. We put her stuff into storage, gave her our small spare bedroom and watched her plummet drastically. It was devastating. After three weeks, we decided it was not going to end well. We didn't want to just take care of her, we wanted her to thrive. So we immediately began looking for a bigger house to rent where she could have all of her familiar things around her but where we could also make a home together.

We found the perfect place and moved immediately. While it had to happen this way we ultimately found out this was not all good for her. You see we had recently all moved 400 miles away from the only home we had ever known. To a 77-year-old, with dementia, can you imagine the horror. Then, after set...

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