Day 2 at Santa Barbara International Film Festival!

January 30, 2015 7:34 PM

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As always with Film Festivals, you race to go see one film and the room is full so you hop into another theatre, seeing a film you hadn't expected and end up being so glad you did! Such was the case for me yesterday when I saw, "Fair Play", a film from the Czech Republic, directed by Andrea Sediackova. Set in the 80's, the story revolves around, Anna, a young athlete, living with her mother, with hopes to run in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Anna's coach encourages her to use steroids to enhance her performance with a drug called Stromba. The film centers on Anna, and on her mother, living under the constant watch of some controlling presence, whether it be a coach or the communist government eager to catch subversive activity. Everyone in Anna's life has secrets that they are keeping, the coaches, the doctors, her mother, and her boyfriend. We get to witness Anna's struggle for truth and freedom to be herself, trying to do the right thing, as she is caught in a maze of needs of the people around her.

Directly after seeing that film, I raced back up to the Arlington Theater looking forward to seeing my friend, Mimi deGruy, present the Attenborough Award For Excellence in Nature Filmmaking to the Cousteau family, Jean-Michel, his son, Fabien, and his daughter, Celine. The Arlington was once again ...

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